It’s been a bit of a black hole on this blog recently – the promise of posting “essays” every few weeks scared me away from posting anything at all. I’ve been doing writing, but nothing that is ready for public consumption just yet. There will be writing published, but not for a few more weeks.

Over the past month I’ve been busy collecting data for my first case study, and a few days ago I arrived in San Francisco for WWDC, the Apple developer conference. I’m working on designs for a qualitative analysis tool for iOS devices, which I hope to build some interactive prototypes with while I’m here. The conference has a UI Lab with Apple designers, who critique your designs, and a few hands-on technical sessions around maps, visualisations, etc, which I’m hoping to apply to some prototypes.

This trip is the first of a few over the next few months – in July I’m presenting a poster and participating in a workshop on Geovisualisation at the ICA Conference in Paris, and in late August I’m heading to MobileHCI to participate in the doctoral consortium. “Excited” is an understatement!

So, I hope you can forgive the lack of content here recently. Normal programming will resume soon, now that I have this essay-monkey off my back.


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