My PhD thesis is now available as a free PDF download (28mb), a free eBook and a print-on-demand book

With sufficient space between me and the end of the PhD process, I feel like it’s time to share the fruits of 3.5 years with readers of this blog. Whilst there’s still much within the document that I want to distill and communicate here and elsewhere, I think it’s important to provide (open) access to something that was tax-payer funded, and contains content I hope people across a wide range of industries and interests will find useful.


The thesis contains about 284 pages of reference-rich research on topics ranging from the temporality of landscapes, infrastructural rhythms, spaces of a natural disaster, and more. It provides a case-study of reflective design and ethnography across multiple sites, and contains lots of meaty detail on digital research methods, and how research can act as prototyping. It also contains detailed scenarios and designs for two conceptual systems aimed at tacit knowledge production in natural environments: Wayfarer, and HABITAT. 

If you’re interested in any of the following, then there might be something in here for you:

  • Framing technology as a cultural and social process
  • Investigations into the multi-faceted ways we know and understand our environments
  • Digital ethnography and research methods
  • Reflection through action, research through making
  • Ubiquitous Computing at-large, and it’s related trajectories
  • National Parks, conservation, and the business of managing in these contexts
  • Challenges for government organisations as they enter the messy world of big-data and ubiquitous infrastructure

I’ve made the ebook free to whoever wants it, and have tried to keep the price of the print on demand book as low as possible. Unfortunately, the colour version was far too expensive (in my opinion) to bother with, but if you’re interested in this then please let me know.

Doing this project was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and I’m proud to be able to share it here. I’m hoping the ideas strike a chord with some of you.



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