The need to make sense of an ever-increasing stream of data has never been greater, especially in a mobile context. At Mobile HCI’10 last year, a team from Nokia research presented a prototype solution for feed aggregation, dubbed Lenses. This allows people to curate their own stream of content relevant to different purposes – different self-generated contexts.

From the paper:

Lenses explored the need for a universal inbox and the value in interacting with fine-grained filtering mechanisms of content on a mobile phone… [It represents] an alternative to the application paradigm where people can engage with their data using different perspectives such as topics of interests, tasks, or roles in their life.

How could these be more closely tied to location, and made sensitive to context?


2 Responses to Nokia Lenses

  1. Joseph says:

    I think a Twitter/whatever client that followed topical people at relevant times would be cool. I guess that is kind of what this is.

    I don’t want to “follow” people or information streams forever, I want all the authoritative information on topical local and topic based events and then I sually don’t want to hear from those sources again.

  2. Chris says:

    I suppose this is a similar concept to twitter lists – except the powerful thing is that it includes all streams (including those traditionally locked into your phone – voice mail and SMS).

    It still requires people curate their own “lenses”, but it’d be interesting to think about what you could do when you combine a sense of time + location with that curation ability.

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